Northeast Philadelphia Stories

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“We got Health Cent. 10. You have to wait all day to be seen. Even if you have an appointment.

– Female 19111

“There are so many people that come to the clinics on the North of Phila. and that make the neighbors from this clinics to wait more than usually, because the clinics have to see all these people that should have access to their own clinic; meant near to their place were they reside or they live. We are in need of another clinic in the L. Northeast.

– Female 19111

“My son who is 49 does not have proper health coverage. He has a 1000.00 deductible which he cannot afford. He is on insulin. He also has other health problems”

– Female 19111



“More patients need primary care providers so that emergency room in our local area are not over crowded so they can handle real emergency situations” 

– Male 19120

“Out of work – No health insurance, was told at public health the first Appt. I could get to see the doctor was Sept. 2013. I am a Diabetic with heart meds also that now I can’t afford. ” 

– Male 19120


“I have four children. I don’t know how I would be without being able to take care of them without insurance, there are many without health insurance including me!” 

– Female 19124


“I have utilized Health Center #10 for my husband who was w/o insurance. It was a very tedious process (so many people!) I believe another facility, if not more, is definitely needed in this area.” 

– Female 19149


“We have many individuals who do not have insurance and are suffering unnecessarily from many ailments. Please help these individuals. The United States is supposed to be the greatest country on earth, how can that be if we are not taking care of our own.”

– Male 19149


“My son Wesley was with Health Center #10. And because he has autism high functioning, he realizes the problem with having to be put on a waiting list. He believed that things would change and they hadn’t. So his health has suffered because since 18 years old he was taken off my DRA Health Plan. And so because of his mental condition he wasn’t able to finish high school. So he can’t get a job for any health care coverage. “

– Female 19149


“I have a hard time getting medicare or help from welfare and finally got an appointment with the healthcare center for almost 1 year later and then they call and cancel the appointment cause something happened to the doctor and made my appointment for almost another year later. Unbelievable. It’s so Horrible. I hope and pray help will be available for young people like me, for everyone.”

– Female 19149

|At Large|


“I am on medicare and can’t pay the 20% of all the tests and specialist and hospitalization. I am fortunate to have a home, but the maintenance is very expensive.”

– Female 19135


“Son has not worked steady in 5 years – no health or dental care” 

– Female 19115


“Several families are suffering due to inadequate health care. A health care center will help these families become healthier individuals and productive members of society” 

– Female 19121


“I don’t live in Northeast Philadelphia and don’t need to use health centers, but I do believe in the critical importance of access to quality health care for all citizens of this country. It is not only a basic human need, but it improves the economic sustainability of a community by having strong, healthy citizens.” 

– Female 19027


” We are in an area that has many poor people who can’t afford doctors or hospitals. These people often develop more serious conditions because of this problem. They are good citizens and deserve care.”

– Male 19140


“Acesto que se haga mas clinica”

– Male 19122


“All Philadelphians should be able to have health care in order to live a dignified life.”

– Female 19104


“There are lots of families without any kind of insurance, we have a few free clinics and when we go for 1 appt it will take up to 4 months to get the appt.”

– Female 19140


“The appointments are too long to see u for first time. Also too many people without medical insurance need care too, like me, I have sleep apnea and no insurance. My husband has diabetes type 2 and no insurance and everything is too expensive.


– Female 19141


“A second health care (center) would be needed due to the fact that the health care center on Cottman Ave is over populated. And a second health care center would separate the population to two. And people of all ages can get medically treated without being denied due to over population at the one health care treatment center.”