NE Postcard Campaign

We are kicking off a post card drive to let our elected officials know that we need more health care in northeast Philadelphia! We want community members and leaders to fill out this postcard to let our elected officials know why they need more health care in Northeast Philadelphia.

At the bottom of the page you will find a sample of the postcard. Contact us either by phone or by email if you would like more information or for us to send you a pack!


You may also download an electronic version of our postcard, fill it out, and submit it below:



Submit your postcard here!

  • Sign an E postcard to your City Council members. It’s easy:
    1. 1. Download and open the postcard pdf. Fill out the front of the card. If you want to tell your story about why a new health center is needed, fill out the back of the card too.
    2. 2. Save the postcard like this: LastName.NEPostcard, so Jane Doe would save it as Doe.NEPostcard.
    3. 3. Upload the filled out postcard below and submit! And you're done!
    4. Healthy Philadelphia will deliver the cards to City Council.



If you are having trouble filling out the PDF postcard, you can fill an online version of the post card Here!