Healthy Philadelphia will provide leadership for policy planning and collaboration without duplicating the efforts of existing organizations. It will catalyze initiatives that require cross cutting leadership and serve as a credible convener for the community to address health system needs.

The objectives of Healthy Philadelphia are to:

Mobilize and engage public and private leadership from within the health system and the community-at-large to facilitate collaboration and citywide health system planning and coordination, focusing on health services for underserved populations

Support meaningful public participation in health system planning through education and direct involvement

Develop strategies to improve the financing of care for vulnerable populations

Facilitate efforts to integrate the health system and “safety net” to provide access to quality health care for all regardless of insurance status

Conduct or commission research and evaluation of health services for underserved populations that provides feedback and improves services

Be a strong force encouraging a more unified advocacy voice for Philadelphia’s health system and care systems for underserved populations